Get exclusive Italy experiences and members-only savings

Save at least $465 on your Italy trip with members-only rapid refunds on ItaliaRail®, ItaliaTours®, ItaliaDrive®, and hotels. Plus, get insider access to exclusive services and assistance from our dedicated ItaliaPass Primo travel experts.

What's included?

What's included?

It's like traveling Italy with a local friend...

At ItaliaRail we’ve helped millions of travelers with their Italian vacations for over 20 years. Now we’re putting all our expertise and passion for Italy travel into your hands with our exclusive ItaliaPass Primo membership.

You’ll get at least $465 in members-only savings on rail tickets, tours, car rentals and hotels; personalized itinerary planning and travel assistance from a dedicated Italy Experience Specialist; digital eSIMs with a total of 2GBs of data; RailAid traveler protection with 24/7 support, and a one-year Italy Magazine Premium Membership, all for an investment of just $99

With all these exclusive benefits and savings, your ItaliaPass Primo Membership quickly pays for itself!

$50 rapid refund on your first ItaliaRail purchase

Plus a $5 rapid refund on all subsequent ItaliaRail orders.

$100 rapid refund on your first ItaliaTours tour

Plus a 10% rapid refund on all subsequent ItaliaTour orders.

Digital eSIMs with a total of 2GB of data

Connect seamlessly with a 2GB digital eSIM for use throughout Europe. More details here.

Your very own
Italy Experience Specialist

Get personalized help planning and booking your Italy itinerary, including rail, tours, and more.

RailAid® trip protection

Access to emergency medical, 100% refund on cancellations of high-speed train bookings, and more, for one year from your membership start date.

Exclusive access to the ItaliaPass Lounge

Relax in our members-only lounge at Rome's Termini station, and store your luggage during opening hours. (Opening April 4, 2024)

Wholesale booking rates on hotels in Italy​

Work with your Italy Experience Specialist to get exclusive members-only pricing on hotels.​

Italy Magazine Premium Membership ($99 value)​

Get members-only perks that keep you connected to Italy as an Italy Magazine Premium Member.

Share your benefits with friends and family​​

Transfer unredeemed initial rebates to anyone, with unlimited sharing of car and hotel savings and subsequent-purchase rebates.​​

$10 rapid refund on all car rentals at ItaliaDrive

Choose from over 1,700 providers to get the perfect car rental for exploring Italy.

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