ItaliaPass App

Discover, plan, and manage your trips effortlessly with ItaliaPass. Our AI-powered platform, paired with knowledgeable Italy travel experts, ensures that travel is smooth, sustainable and enjoyable at every stage of the journey.

The ItaliaPass app brings travelers and travel companies together for seamless personalized trip discovery and management, all in one convenient place. Our AI-driven platform ensures your travel is smooth, sustainable, and enjoyable at every stage of your journey. A growing set of features allows you to do everything from booking great experiences to enjoying eSIM connectivity.

If you’re a global traveler, the ItaliaPass app provides international roaming at a fraction of the usual cost, with eSIM activation in seconds. No need to search for Wi-Fi—you’ll stay connected in over 200 countries. It’s a must-have for effortless travel!

Streamline all your travel logistics in one single dashboard, from departure to arrival. You’ll have access to real-time flight updates, details on hotels, rideshare options, information on local time zone and weather, and even food recommendations.

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